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World War II



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bradson, Thomas L.  1943World War II I362939
2 Brink, John  1944World War II I6353
3 Hampton, Charles E.  World War II I362436
4 Higgins, Donald Franklin  10 May 1941World War II I173399
5 Hocker, Willard  World War II I391373
6 Mason, Sterling Cashman  5 May 1944World War II I440217
7 McKenzie, Tupper Malcolm  1944World War II I394411
8 McLeod, Frank  World War II I169814
9 Newhart, Dewey E.  12 Jun 1944World War II I159339
10 Orcutt, Lawrence Edward  21 Nov 1944World War II I279826
11 Rand, Gordon  World War II I228493
12 Scheibeler, Clarence Theodore  25 Oct 1942World War II I292102
13 Spragg, Albert Henry  24 Apr 1941World War II I343707
14 Spragg, Charles William  22 Apr 1943World War II I343710
15 Spragg, Edward  Apr 1941World War II I343719
16 Spragg, Leslie Albert  5 Dec 1940World War II I343737
17 Sprague, Alan John  25 Sep 1944World War II I343697
18 Sprague, Amos  World War II I294335
19 Sprague, PFC Amos  3 Oct 1944World War II I264687
20 Sprague, Halsey Lee  1942World War II I287401
21 Sprague, Lloyd C.  6 Apr 1945World War II I294331
22 Sprague, Norman A.  9 Jul 1945World War II I343702
23 Sprague, Robert S.  26 Nov 1942World War II I294405
24 Sprague, Ronald Francis  3 Sep 1943World War II I343704
25 Webb, Arnold  1942World War II I160047
26 Wheeler, Jay Albert  1945World War II I333532

Marriage Banns

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage Banns    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Harold  World War II I356061


Matches 1 to 50 of 1916

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Abbott, George  World War II I307918
2 Ackerley, Charles H.  World War II I262547
3 Ackerley, Harry C.  World War II I262545
4 Ackerson, Allyn Jay  Aft 7 Apr 1941World War II I436380
5 Ackerson, Dale Warren  World War II I436384
6 Ackerson, Kenneth Ivan  World War II I436386
7 Ackerson, Robert Edsel  Between 1942 and 1945World War II I436381
8 Ackles, Robert Hayden  World War II I379662
9 Acome, J. Harry  World War II I334708
10 Adams, Hamilton Betts  World War II I402338
11 Adams, Paul  World War II I240988
12 Addy, Marshall Vernon Jr.  World War II I417279
13 Adee, Gerald Frederick  World War II I264627
14 Adler, Donald Francis  World War II I358706
15 Ake, Paul Eugene Sr.  Between 13 Oct 1944 and 1 Jul 1946World War II I410885
16 Aldrich, Raymond Ernest  World War II I354906
17 Alexander, Donald Fredrick  World War II I65626
18 Algier, Keith Wayne  1942-1946World War II I280972
19 Allen, Edward Lincoln  Between 1 Jul 1943 and 13 Feb 1946World War II I417176
20 Alsteen, John Henry  Between 9 Apr 1943 and 26 Dec 1945World War II I355744
21 Amber, John William  World War II I399403
22 Amidon, Earl Everett  World War II I333659
23 Anderson, Lambert G.  Aft 23 Apr 1943World War II I362810
24 Anderson, Robert Clifton  World War II I234257
25 Andrews, Jay Spoor  World War II I193127
26 Angevine, Elmer Purdy  World War II I137669
27 Anundi, Robert Verl  World War II I355363
28 Appleby, Delbert Ernest  Between 1940 and 1945World War II I407059
29 Arnott, Jessie  World War II I441351
30 Arntz, John J.  Aft 4 Apr 1944World War II I379042
31 Augustine, John E.  World War II I378962
32 Austin, Harold L.  World War II I259176
33 Ayer, Warren Bond  Between 25 Apr 1945 and 12 Dec 1946World War II I416838
34 Bailey, Beatrice Norton  World War II I275964
35 Bailey, Gordon M. "Doc"  World War II I31530
36 Bakely, Edwin Wallace  Between 11 Jul 1943 and 19 Feb 1945World War II I436117
37 Bakely, Laurence Conrad  Between 24 Sep 1943 and 28 Dec 1945World War II I436118
38 Baker, William Harvey  Between 12 Oct 1940 and 24 May 1945World War II I398170
39 Baldwin, Chester  World War II I334744
40 Ball, Robert A.  World War II I360325
41 Ballou, Alvin Lyman  World War II I339399
42 Balson, John Edward  World War II I381071
43 Baran, Andrew Edward  World War II I359274
44 Barber, Eldon Harvey  World War II I262506
45 Barclay, Ernest  World War II I126788
46 Bardon, Marvin Walter  Between 20 Jan 1942 and 27 Oct 1945World War II I388904
47 Barker, Walter Alfred  Between 9 Jul 1943 and 2 Feb 1946World War II I6686
48 Barlow, Lyle Dennis  Between 8 Jul 1943 and 13 Jan 1946World War II I434231
49 Barnard, Dwight Leslie  Between 14 May 1941 and 8 Jan 1947World War II I416894
50 Barnard, Merrill C.  Aft 6 Dec 1944World War II I415704

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family / Spouse    Military    Family ID 
1 Hybiak / Starke  Between 1941 and 1945World War II F150360

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