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     The names listed below and listed in the links above (blue and underlined) have contacted the Sprague Project in the past and most have contributed information to the Sprague database. The e-mail address which these individuals used to contact the Sprague Project is no longer valid. As a result, I'm unable to contact these individuals or to "introduce" them to others researching the same family line.
      If you are one of these individuals, or if you know how to contact one of them, please send the project developer a message informing him of the new e-mail address.
      Current date: 9/18/2017

Lacy, Debbie
Lahr-Kreischer, Joanne
Lambert, Linda Sprague
Lamberts, David Winton
Lamoreaux, Mary
Landauer, Kathy
Landon, Tucker
Langgin, Linda
Lanphear, Karen
Lapham, Jerry L.
Larsen, Kirk
Lasselle, Jane
Layman, Loretta Lynn
Law, Virgel C.
Learned, Shirley D.
Lee, Darrel D.
Lee, Tina (Keech)
Lemkin, Sandy
Leo, John A.
Leonard, Paul
Lepre, Dawn
Leuzarder, Christine
LeVere, Nancy
Lewis, David Paul
Lewis, Joan F.
Leydorf, Jeff
Lichty, Betty
Libby, Bill
Liedeka, Mary
Lindboe, Mabel
Lincoln, Christine Rice
Lindgren, Bette
Lindsey, Jane Knowles
Loch, Sheila
Locke, Andrea
Lockwood, Tom
Long, Joan Place
Longwell, Bob
Lord, John Merrill
Lovell, Liz
Low, Janet Sprague
Lublin, Mary
Lucid, Dale E.
Lucas, Joanne Leslie
Lucas, Randall E.
Lucas, Randy
Luebrecht, Amy
Lull, Tim
Lusk, Deborah
Lyman, Lou Davidson
Lynch, Walt
Lyons, Rick

Maas, Patricia A.
MacAuley, Dave
MacPherson, Robert
Machado, Darlene Rosanne Natyniak
MacL????, Linda
Macomber, Kevin
Magnell, Royal
C. G. Magnusson
Maguire, Elaine
Mahjoub, Cynthia
Maley-Curtis, Pat
Mallory, Timothy
Maloney, Pam
Mancell, Leslie
Manhard, Keith A.
Mann, Gayla
Mann, Nathaniel
Markle, Archie
Marsh, James Henry 9/18/2017
Marshall, Jacqueline Savage
Martin, Barbara L.
Martin, June
Martin, Nina Sprake
Martin, Susan Sears
Martin, Thomas E.
Martin, Walter
Martinson, Mark
Mason, Charles
Mason, Kathleen
Mastaw, Alan
Masters, Justin
Mathew, Linda
Mathewson, Carole Emma
Matson, Mary Athearn
Maul, Stephen
Maxson, Richard
Mayes, Susan
Mazza, Lois
Mazzeo, Bev
McBride, Calvin
McCarron, Heidi
McCarty, Nancy
McCauley, Elaine
McCorquodale, Andrew
McCoskey, Paula
McCoy, Donald E.
McCoy, Jeff
McDermott, Jean Hamlin
McGachie, Joanne
McGeachie, David J.
McGreal, John
McGuire, Douglas
McKain, David
McKain, Steven R.

M (Continued)
McMackin, Patricia
McMullen, Karen Sprague
McWhirter, Barbara J.
Mellen, Kathy
Mensch, Ann
Merryman, Michael
Mess, Nancy
Meuschke, Robert
Michaels, Donna
Michalke, Jill
Miller, David
Millison III, Charles Wayne
Mills, Carol A.
Minion, Kathleen
Mitchell, Dean
Mitchell, Mindy
Modrak, Shelley
Mongrage, Richard J., Jr.
Montanye, Florence E.
Montgomery, Roseanne
Moore, Adena
Moore, Cheryl
Moore, Chuck
Moore, Derrick
Morelli, Sheila
Morgan, Danielle
Morgan Ron
Moriah, Donna
Moriarty, Jerre Sprague
Morris, Melba
Morris, Ellen Sprague
Morrison, William
Morton-Scott, Christina
Moses, George H.
Mosley, Linda
Mullen, Linda
Murdoch, Cathy
Mueller, Jean White
Murphy, Pendleton Hyde (Coleman)
Musselman, Maggie
Musser, Kathleen L.
Muthig, Henry W.
Myers, Aleandra Hall
Myers, Frederick W.

Nanney, John
Naylor, Sharon Shearer
Naylor, Tonya
Neil, Connie Ruth Rush
Nelder, Kerry
Nelson, Cathy
Nevin, Jean Shaw
Newell, Bryant
Newman, Janet T.
Newman, Richard T.
Newton, Abby Sprague
Newton, Pat
Nicely, Kelly Sprague
Nichols, Kathleen
Nichols, Mary
Nick, Jill
Nickell, Vivian Headley
Norene, Corabelle L. Nutting
Norris, Gayle Tipsword
Norton, Ruth

Oatas, Kay
Oates, Delma Aurand
O'Brien, Marie
Ochoa, Hilary
Odasso, Debbie
Odom, Bill
Oglesby, Pamela
O'Heaney, Barbara
Ohnmacht, Ron
Olds, Corwin Anson (Curly)
Oliver, Harold
Orcutt-Holder, Susan
Ortiz, Karen (Meadows)
Overholtz, D.
Owen, Nancy
Owen, Pam
Ozinga, Lynda

Page, Ken
Paine, Robert
Pakula, Margaret Hogaboam
Palmer, Pat K.
Panshin, Cory
Papageorge, Sarah
Pappas, Denise
Park, Alice M.
Parks, Mary Stuart
Parker, David
Parker, Karen Sprague
Parkey, Nola
Parks, Ronald & Sue
Parlette, Donna J.
Parsons, Thomas F.
Patchin, Lana C.
Patrick, David K.

P (Continued)
Paul, Donald
Peck, Robert R., Jr.
Perfetto, Lida Fikes
Peritore, Laura
Perriello, Kelli
Perry, Raymalene
Pendell, Janet
Penley, Victoria
Perry, S. Robert
Peterson, Richard
Petrone, Billie Jean
Petty, Jana
Phelps, John
Phillips, David
Phillips, Helen M.
Piper, Dave
Planeta, Dianne
Plano, Jean N.
Ploenzke, Laura
Pierce, Andrew
Pierce, Robert E.
Pinkham, Michelle
Pitts, Jean
Plaza, Jacqueline
Pluid, Carol
Pond-Northrup, Chris
Pope, Rick
Poppe, Donald C.
Porter, Adrianna
Porter, Ruth Swortzel
Porter-Fahey, Terry
Posehn, Margaret
Post, Voula
Potter, Donna
Potter, Gayle
Pottle, Peggy
Potts, Catherine
Poulin, Richard W.
Povenmire, Allen
Prentice, Mary Alice
Prescott, Betty Ann
Prescott, Jeremiah
Price, Joe
Price, Larry
Price, Shari McCreary
Pritchard, Sally (Sprague)
Prudhomme, Sande
Pulhamus, Marlene L.
Putnam, Marion L.

Rahn, Joyce M.
Rainbow, Barbara
Rains, Nola
Rand, Nancy
Ramirez, Mary Mumby
Rath, Sara
Rathbun, Daniel A.
Rathbun, Don
Ravis, Jim
Rawson, Scotty
Ray, Brian K.
Ray, Shawn
Raymond, Gary
Reid, Ellen
Reid-Coles, Sudie
Reilly, Frances
Reimann, Pam
Reynolds, George
Reynolds, Robert K.
Rhodes, Christine
Richards, Cheryl Bush
Richardson, Diane L.
Richardson, Kelly Swinarton
Richmond, Kenny
Ridlen, Debbie Sprague
Riggs, Rickie Sue
Riley, David J.
Ring, Norm
Ringer, Helen J.
Ringler, Judy
Roberts, Sarah
Robishaw, Heather (Sprague)
Robison, Dave
Robinson, Howell
Robinson, Jani
Roche, Betsy Polk
Rocheleau, Cheryl Sprague
Rockwell, Patricia
Rogers, George
Rogers, Judy
Root, Mary Ann
Root, Roy
Rose, Oma L.
Ross, Craig
Ross, Steven C.
Ruby, Jonna K.
Rudd, Patricia Sprague
Rude, Janet
Ruel, Kathy
Rumler, Thomas Garrett
Rumph, Scott H.
Russell, Jody Jody
Ruther, Gail
Ryan, Irene
Ryan, Patrick
Rykert, Wilbur

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