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Elizabeth Keen

Female Abt 1724 - Aft 1763  (~ 39 years)

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Joshua Sprague
Male 1746-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Bennett
Female 1796-1885
James Ruggles Comstock
Male 1807-1878
James Bennett
Male 1797-1875
William S. Bennett
Male 1799-Yes, date unknown
Anna T. Bennett
Female 1801-1868
Daniel Bridgeman
Male Abt 1806-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Samuel Bennett
Male 1802-1880
Rachel Maria Capron
Female -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Ruth D. Bennett
Female 1804-1827
John Bennett
Male 1805-1895
Mercy S. Bennett
Female 1807-1897
Blackman Fowler
Male 1811-1897
Malentha Bennett
Female 1810-1829
Benjamin F. Bennett
Male 1812-1869
Elizabeth Sprague
Female 1768-1863
Joseph Davenport Bennett
Male 1763-1841
Elisha Sprague
Male 1770-
Elizabeth Essex
Female 1757-Yes, date unknown
Mary Sprague
Female Abt 1775-Yes, date unknown
Caleb Cory
Male -Yes, date unknown
Samuel Sprague
Male Abt 1782-1807
Elisha Sprague
Male 1748-Bef 1798
Sarah Cory
Female 1744-Abt 1800
Naby Sprague
Female 1807-Yes, date unknown
Samuel Sprague, Jr.
Male 1782-Yes, date unknown
Abigail Hill
Female Abt 1784-Yes, date unknown
Sloane Sprague
Male Abt 1813-Yes, date unknown
Mary Greenough
Female Abt 1814-Yes, date unknown
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Sarah Lee
Female -Yes, date unknown
Mary Sprague
Female 1808-Yes, date unknown
Elisha Leavitt
Male 1805-1886
New chart
Rebecca Lee
Female -Yes, date unknown
John Henry Sprague
Male 1810-1899
Martha Starboard
Female 1811-1885
New chart
Margaret Packard
Female -Yes, date unknown
Helen Johnson
Female -Yes, date unknown
Merrill Sprague
Male 1812-1886
Drusilla Welch
Female Cal 1815-1892
New chart
Sarah Sprague
Female Abt 1814-Yes, date unknown
Susan L. Sprague
Female 1816-Yes, date unknown
Ebenezer F. Newell
Male -Yes, date unknown
Jotham Lincoln Sprague
Male 1818-1897
Julia Ann James
Female Abt 1820-1852
New chart
Elizabeth Densmore
Female 1832-1865
New chart
Priscilla Smith
Female Abt 1826-1896
Moses L. Sprague
Male 1821-1854
Mary Ann Fisher
Female 1822-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Elijah Lincoln Sprague
Male 1823-Yes, date unknown
Abigail Stuart
Female Cal 1831-1910
New chart
Jesse Gleason Sprague
Male 1826-Yes, date unknown
Harriet Short Fisher
Female 1824-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Mehitable M. Sprague
Female 1829-Yes, date unknown
John S. Sprague
Male 1785-1860
Sarah Lincoln
Female 1788-1863
Lawrence Batson Sprague
Male 1814-1896
Sarah B. Reynolds
Female 1814-1906
New chart
Daniel Sprague
Male 1787-1852
Nancy Batson
Female Abt 1793-1857
Andrew Sprague
Male 1815-1905
Eliza Foster Bosworth
Female 1819-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Mary Abigail Sprague
Female 1817-1889
Rev. Amos Peasley Battey
Male 1815-1849
New chart
Benjamin Stowell Sprague
Male 1819-
Susannah Allen Sprague
Female 1821-Yes, date unknown
Rev. Francis Asbury Soule
Male Abt 1816-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Samuel Patten Sprague
Male 1823-Yes, date unknown
Eliza Maria Foster
Female -Yes, date unknown
Eliza Ann Sprague
Female 1826-Yes, date unknown
Josiah B. Mayo
Male -Yes, date unknown
Sarah Jane Sprague
Female 1828-1909
Charles Low
Male 1825-1909
New chart
George Washington Sprague
Male 1830-1864
Mary Elizabeth Bosworth
Female 1829-1911
New chart
Elijah Heding Sprague
Male 1832-1904
Sarah Maria Ramsdel
Female 1839-1921
New chart
Martha Sargent Sprague
Female 1836-Yes, date unknown
Henry C. Wentworth
Male Abt 1826-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Caroline Thayer Sprague
Female 1839-Yes, date unknown
Albert C. Hersey
Male Abt 1836-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Andrew Sprague
Male 1793-1877
Mary Patten Allan
Female 1795-1846
Elizabeth C. Small
Female 1795-1869
Abigail Runnels
Female 1801-Yes, date unknown
Mary Sprague
Female 1795-Yes, date unknown
Jeremiah Hall
Male -Yes, date unknown
William Sprague
Male -Yes, date unknown
Sarah Sprague Nelson
Male 1831-Yes, date unknown
George Samuel Nelson
Male 1833-Yes, date unknown
Daniel Crocker Nelson
Male 1835-Yes, date unknown
Mary Martha Nelson
Female 1838-Yes, date unknown
Edward Nelson
Male 1840-Yes, date unknown
Abigail Sprague
Female 1802-Yes, date unknown
George Nelson
Male -Yes, date unknown
Sergt. Samuel Sprague
Male 1753-1832
Mary Benner
Female 1760-1811
Mehitable Tyrrell
Female 1797-Yes, date unknown
Ezra Tyrrell
Male 1799-Yes, date unknown
Clarissa Mary Tyrrell
Female 1801-Yes, date unknown
Jason Tyrrell
Male 1804-Yes, date unknown
Silence Tyrrell
Female 1806-Yes, date unknown
Jeremiah Jackson Tyrrell
Male 1808-Yes, date unknown
Salome Hunt Tyrrell
Female 1810-Yes, date unknown
Joshua Reed Tyrrell
Male 1812-Yes, date unknown
Marila Tyrrell
Female 1820-Yes, date unknown
Polly Reed
Female 1775-Yes, date unknown
Oliver Tirrell
Male 1772-1854
Noah Ford
Male 1799-1887
Hannah Almyra Torrey
Female 1806-1877
Mehitable Ford
Female 1801-Yes, date unknown
Francis Bassett
Male -Yes, date unknown
William Ford
Male 1803-Yes, date unknown
Elisha Ford
Male 1809-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Reed
Female 1776-1842
John Ford
Male 1771-1839
Barnabas Reed
Male 1780-1835
Wealthy Reed
Female 1782-1831
William Reed
Male 1783-1860
Lovisa Beals
Female 1786-Yes, date unknown
Dexter Beals
Male 1808-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Reed
Female 1785-1849
Joseph Beals
Male 1778-1847
Joshua Reed
Male 1788-1835
Annis Reed
Female 1790-Yes, date unknown
Benjamin Towne
Male -Yes, date unknown
Silence Sprague
Female 1755-1830
Barnabas Reed
Male 1748-1796
New chart
Elizabeth Keen
Female Abt 1724-Aft 1763
Joshua Sprague
Male 1714-Bef 1757
William Beale
Male 1708-Aft 1763

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