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State/Province : Latitude: 42.4072107, Longitude: -71.3824374


Matches 101 to 150 of 1291

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 Burke, Mary  Jun 1869MA, USA I55961
102 Burns, William Philip  19 Dec 1916MA, USA I401115
103 Burt, Harriet Adelaide  6 Dec 1837MA, USA I55973
104 Butters, Alvin Francis  10 Dec 1919MA, USA I416788
105 Butters, Avery John  20 Jul 1913MA, USA I416786
106 Butters, Catherine  11 May 1921MA, USA I416808
107 Butters, Franklin J.  May 1857MA, USA I416817
108 Butters, Hiram  Abt 1816MA, USA I416707
109 Call, John  Abt 1704MA, USA I58423
110 Campbell, Eliza J.  Abt 1837MA, USA I308612
111 Campbell, Willetta M.  Mar 1844MA, USA I319756
112 Capron, Nellie F.  Abt 1875MA, USA I187106
113 Carpmill, Isabell  Oct 1867MA, USA I331290
114 Carver, Jane Barstow  12 Mar 1856MA, USA I55957
115 Castle, Mary  Abt 1769MA, USA I41626
116 Chandler, Bradford A.  Abt 1837MA, USA I398456
117 Chandler, Daniel L.  Abt 1867MA, USA I280888
118 Chandler, George H.  Abt 1864MA, USA I280887
119 Chandler, George W.  Abt 1826MA, USA I280884
120 Chandler, Harriet E.  Abt 1869MA, USA I280889
121 Chapman, Boynton  1803MA, USA I327341
122 Chapman, Jesse  Jun 1875MA, USA I356254
123 Chenaille, Ernest  MA, USA I389528
124 Child, George L.  Apr 1824MA, USA I320974
125 Child, Henry O.  Jan 1856MA, USA I322824
126 Christie, Ellery Clark  23 Oct 1922MA, USA I416832
127 Ciampa, John  Abt 1897MA, USA I420939
128 Clark, Ellen L.  Dec 1895MA, USA I431783
129 Clark, Henry A.  Abt 1868MA, USA I331696
130 Clay, Ella E.  Sep 1847MA, USA I252506
131 Clay, Richard F.  Apr 1849MA, USA I252507
132 Clement, Conrad Clark  5 Mar 1910MA, USA I360308
133 Clement, Natalie C.  5 Jun 1912MA, USA I360309
134 Clement, Robert C.  5 Jun 1912MA, USA I360311
135 Cobb, Martha  6 Feb 1681/82MA, USA I138713
136 Cochrane, Alice M.  Abt 1897MA, USA I420430
137 Cody?, Corinne  9 Jul 1888MA, USA I170207
138 Colby, Charles E.  17 Jun 1916MA, USA I355490
139 Colby, Gladys J.  1919MA, USA I355491
140 Colby, Joanna Alice  19 Jan 1851MA, USA I65728
141 Cole, Israel I  8 Jun 1653MA, USA I281311
142 Collins, Hallett  1749MA, USA I293212
143 Collins, Jacob Jr.  17 Dec 1814MA, USA I376141
144 Comstock, Mary Jane  Abt 1832MA, USA I394567
145 Conant, George F.  Jul 1852MA, USA I340432
146 Condey, William  15 Aug 1707MA, USA I296086
147 Condon, Theresa Frances  29 Sep 1926MA, USA I392808
148 Cook, Harry  16 Jul 1919MA, USA I382617
149 Cook, Herman A.  Abt 1908MA, USA I366394
150 Corliss, Dorothy Mae  3 Mar 1933MA, USA I392824

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Matches 101 to 150 of 152

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
101 Scott, Ida May  Nov 1983MA, USA I386913
102 Sears, Willard M.  Jun 1963MA, USA I120740
103 Shain, Clarence Albert  1998MA, USA I166515
104 Sikes, Rebecca  28 Jan 1711/12MA, USA I57629
105 Simmons, Rebecca  Abt 1680MA, USA I46032
106 Smith, Agnes Helen  16 Aug 1967MA, USA I149437
107 Smith, Pearl  Abt 1943MA, USA I371683
108 Sommers, Alice M.  3 Nov 1972MA, USA I433907
109 Spragg, Edmund  Bef 1888MA, USA I275805
110 Sprague, Basil Arthur  13 Jan 1981MA, USA I141341
111 Sprague, Benjamin  15 Aug 1835MA, USA I55626
112 Sprague, Blanche J.  2 Dec 1998MA, USA I323425
113 Sprague, Calvin  27 Apr 1822MA, USA I38614
114 Sprague, Clarence  1923MA, USA I158306
115 Sprague, Damaris  13 May 1834MA, USA I38839
116 Sprague, David  7 Aug 1832MA, USA I43230
117 Sprague, Ellen P.  11 Jul 2019MA, USA I420678
118 Sprague, Ernest Walter  Sep 1964MA, USA I315042
119 Sprague, Francis William  Dec 1962MA, USA I257274
120 Sprague, Glenn Warner  10 Dec 1928MA, USA I210807
121 Sprague, Harold D.  11 Mar 1993MA, USA I316759
122 Sprague, Isaac Jr.  29 Jun 1970MA, USA I54788
123 Sprague, Jessie May  14 Apr 1979MA, USA I148679
124 Sprague, John  1 Apr 1801MA, USA I42671
125 Sprague, Matthew Whipple  30 Mar 1837MA, USA I62269
126 Sprague, Maud Irene  20 Oct 1920MA, USA I166977
127 Sprague, Millard L.  Bef 1910MA, USA I324362
128 Sprague, Perley Erastus  2 Dec 1930MA, USA I317222
129 Sprague, Reuben  1822MA, USA I8286
130 Sprague, Robert Chapman Jr.  10 Apr 1987MA, USA I133333
131 Stetson, Mary  1 Jan 1778MA, USA I45922
132 Swett, Adelaide E.  10 Jun 1880MA, USA I284202
133 Taylor, Cora Marie  26 Oct 1984MA, USA I145438
134 Teas, Edward Cecil  May 1973MA, USA I162511
135 Terrio, Almira M.  24 Nov 1933MA, USA I315578
136 Thrasher, Arthur  Aft 28 Feb 1777MA, USA I230678
137 Tinney, Ralph W.  4 Aug 1969MA, USA I389421
138 Tupper, Jane Roberts  23 Jan 1928MA, USA I254845
139 Turner, Humphrey  Between 1 Nov 1672 and 29 May 1673MA, USA I396607
140 Upton, Earl De Roy  2 Jun 1948MA, USA I103529
141 Vosburgh, Nellie M.  10 Jul 1950MA, USA I280209
142 Wadsworth, Lydia  23 May 1756MA, USA I46013
143 Ward, James  1967MA, USA I405495
144 Whatlock, Martha  Bef 1653MA, USA I112882
145 Wheatley, Dorothy  1646MA, USA I212802
146 Whidden, John Grant  10 Oct 1960MA, USA I102781
147 White, Anna  May 1714MA, USA I252146
148 Wilson, Nathaniel  Abt 1808MA, USA I70636
149 Wood, Alma Etta  8 Jun 1947MA, USA I334343
150 Woodward, Fred Chesley  Aug 1962MA, USA I360290

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Social Security Number

Matches 101 to 150 of 386

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
101 Everett, Charles Harold  MA, USA I418460
102 Everett, Edward Robert Jr.  MA, USA I418441
103 Everett, Edward Robert Baker  MA, USA I418364
104 Everett, John Francis  MA, USA I418461
105 Fancher, Clayton Parcelles  MA, USA I392873
106 Fanjoy, Allen Charles  MA, USA I345601
107 Fanjoy, Elmer S.  MA, USA I345550
108 Farrall, Dr. George Albert  MA, USA I420843
109 Farrand, Ruth  MA, USA I360292
110 Farrow, Alba E.  MA, USA I449160
111 Fellows, Edna Elizabeth  MA, USA I331205
112 Fellows, Evelyn V.  MA, USA I331185
113 Fellows, Marjorie M.  MA, USA I331199
114 Fellows, Ruth B.  MA, USA I331214
115 Fellows, Walter Edward Jr.  MA, USA I331211
116 Fellows, Walter Edward Sr.  MA, USA I331183
117 Fisher, Dana P.  MA, USA I322658
118 Fleming, George Arthur  MA, USA I297386
119 Fontaine, Frederick Francis  MA, USA I398416
120 Frasier, Marguerite  MA, USA I398367
121 Gaddis, Phillip E.  MA, USA I297389
122 Galvin, Cecelia Agnes  MA, USA I420942
123 George, Douglas Robert  MA, USA I416890
124 Gilman, Ellen Abbott  MA, USA I332108
125 Gilman, Margaret Ellsworth  MA, USA I332109
126 Gilmartin, Theresa Rose  MA, USA I398348
127 Goldsmith, Elizabeth Hazel  MA, USA I241039
128 Goodwin, Lois Mae  MA, USA I418823
129 Gracey, Philip S.  MA, USA I321549
130 Grant, Erlon Melvin  MA, USA I359722
131 Hamilton, Frederick Charles  MA, USA I416489
132 Harlow, Edward Dexter  MA, USA I407488
133 Harlow, Helen  MA, USA I407517
134 Harmon, Ralph Albert  MA, USA I415108
135 Hewitt, Frances M.  MA, USA I393861
136 Hewitt, Frank Millard  MA, USA I392935
137 Hewitt, John Edward  MA, USA I393862
138 Higgins, Barbara  MA, USA I415493
139 Hogan, Edward John  MA, USA I336260
140 Hoyle, Edward D.  MA, USA I323523
141 Hoyle, Thomas  MA, USA I323522
142 Hunt, Hattie A.  MA, USA I430496
143 Jamieson, Fred Lawrence  MA, USA I411740
144 Jenner, Bernard D.  MA, USA I434786
145 Jenner, William Henry  MA, USA I434787
146 Johnson, Jewell Beatrice  MA, USA I141934
147 Joslin, Freda J.  MA, USA I330392
148 Kean, Richard Wilson  MA, USA I407519
149 Kellogg, Laura A.  MA, USA I444776
150 Kimball, Norman Clifton  MA, USA I392821

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