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Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA



Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clark, John Eliphalet  Oct 1834Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I448175
2 Farrow, Alba E.  31 May 1906Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449160
3 Farrow, Albert Nathan  28 Apr 1873Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449147
4 Farrow, Bernice Etta  2 Jan 1905Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449159
5 Farrow, Corris Harriet  25 Oct 1910Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449253
6 Farrow, Weston Aubry  26 Jul 1908Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449191
7 Farrow, Zadie Estelle  18 Jul 1901Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449158
8 Holbrook, Phebe Combs  6 Dec 1803Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I448442
9 Kirkpatrick, Benjamin  Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449153
10 Knowles, John  26 Apr 1809Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I120317
11 Morton, Jacob  Abt 1801Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I5707
12 Pendleton, Adeline  30 Jun 1823Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447584
13 Pendleton, Amos Henry  22 Feb 1808Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447640
14 Pendleton, Benjamin Franklin  29 Mar 1842Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447729
15 Pendleton, Charlotte Elizabeth  20 Jul 1844Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447654
16 Pendleton, Clara  6 May 1853Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447734
17 Pendleton, Dorothy W.  28 Aug 1812Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I388874
18 Pendleton, Eunice H.  1818Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447583
19 Pendleton, George W.  14 Jul 1825Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I53520
20 Pendleton, Harriet Ester  3 Apr 1831Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I448436
21 Pendleton, Isaac Newton  2 Nov 1844Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447731
22 Pendleton, James Alden  7 Mar 1806Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447664
23 Pendleton, Jared C.  1 Feb 1800Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I448441
24 Pendleton, Julia Ashbyline  9 Dec 1850Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447655
25 Pendleton, Lorrimer Edmund  16 Jun 1851Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447733
26 Pendleton, Martha  16 Jun 1848Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447732
27 Pendleton, Mary Rebecca  12 Nov 1846Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I44657
28 Pendleton, Phebe C.  6 Dec 1803Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447663
29 Pendleton, Rebecca  14 Jul 1801Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447662
30 Pendleton, Sarah Abbie  27 Oct 1846Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I268347
31 Pendleton, Thankful  Abt 1801Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447581
32 Pendleton, William Ambrose  Oct 1843Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447730
33 Sprague, John  20 Feb 1828Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I104341
34 Sprague, Patience (Pacience)  10 Mar 1822Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I104338
35 Sprague, Waldron Herbert  24 Aug 1869Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I63383


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alden, David 2nd  1851Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447670
2 Drinkwater, Lemuel  Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I448776
3 Farnsworth, Jane  29 Oct 1854Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447500
4 Farrow, Albert Nathan  5 Jul 1919Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449147
5 Gilkey, Otis  27 Dec 1843Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I5669
6 Gilkey, Rachael  26 Mar 1858Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I5697
7 Jackson, Isaac  1 Oct 1845Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I278121
8 Pendleton, Hattie Gilkey  19 Jun 1918Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449146
9 Pendleton, Henry  4 Jul 1841Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447485
10 Pendleton, Jared C.  11 Mar 1865Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I448441
11 Pendleton, Joshua  1 Feb 1844Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447308
12 Pendleton, Lucinda  2 Aug 1860Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447760
13 Pendleton, Nathaniel  28 May 1833Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447397
14 Pendleton, Peggy Julia  1794Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447756
15 Pendleton, Sally  29 May 1854Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447570
16 Pendleton, William  7 May 1863Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447474
17 Pendleton, Capt. William C.  28 Aug 1820Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447340
18 Sprague, Clayton Arvah Jr.  21 Feb 2011Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I35211
19 Sylvester, Nathaniel  20 Jan 1840Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I63413
20 West, Cynthia A.  13 Apr 1810Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I447751


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Farrow, Alba E.  1910Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449160
2 Farrow, Albert Nathan  1910Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449147
3 Farrow, Bernice Etta  1910Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449159
4 Farrow, Nathan  1910Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449156
5 Farrow, Weston Aubry  1910Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449191
6 Farrow, Zadie Estelle  1910Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449158
7 Pendleton, Hattie Gilkey  1910Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449146
8 Whitten, Sarah  1910Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449157

Draft Registration

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Dodge, James H.  Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I448585


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Buckmore, Judith  Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I448267
2 Farrow, Dexter  Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I449008
3 Gilkey, Otis  Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I5669
4 Patterson, Lydia E.  Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA I268190


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Farrow / Pendleton  20 Jun 1900Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA F164691
2 Pendleton / Calief  Abt 1824Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA F164151
3 Pendleton / George  20 May 1841Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA F164167
4 Pendleton / Holbrook  10 Aug 1826Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA F164395
5 Sprague / Pendleton  16 Mar 1868Northport, Waldo Co., ME, USA F17340

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