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Advanced Search Section

Join With: The Join With operator of the advanced search screen is a logical operator used to combine the search arguments selected. Thus if a search is requested for a Last Name contains Sprague, a First Name starts with Peter, and a Birth Year contains RI, and the Join With operator is set to "And," a search will be initiated for all individuals whose last name contains Sprague, whose first name starts with Peter, and who was born somewhere in RI. Changing the Join With to "OR" changes the search to anyone with a last name of Sprague or a first name of Peter or who was born in RI. Most genealogical searches use the "AND" Join With setting.

Other Events (Click to Display): Included on the advance search screen is the option to search on far more categories than one sees at first. Click on the small + icon to open additional searches on nickname, cemetery, education, marriage banns, obituary, religion, will, and many, many more.

Person ID: The person ID is a number assigned to the individual in the Sprague database and prefixed on the website with the letter “I” so that all person IDs have the letter I as the first character. These numbers are usually constant over time but there are occasional activities on the Sprague database that will cause the numbers to change.

Title: The title normally includes such titles as Rev., Capt., Major, and many more. However, the title field also includes the Sprague database head of line code. Each Sprague for whom a father is unknown has a head of line code. These codes are either of the form #nn where nn is a numeric field or #xx or #xxx where xx or xxx is an alphabetic field. When the head of line code can be used as a search argument in the title field to get to a particular Sprague line.




Icons used on our website -    What do they mean?  (The icons below are active links.)

  Surname List - List of surnames found on the website with a count of number of occurrences.

Places - A listing of all places where events are recorded for individuals on the website; a list of all people associated with any place may be reviewed.
  Photos - Pictures of individuals found on the website and of items associated with their lives such as homes and towns.

  Dates & Anniversaries - Provides the ability to search by any date or portion of date to find any or specific events that occurred on that date. For example, a list of all individuals born in 1933 could be generated.
  Histories - Not populated at this time; to be used to display narrative descriptions documenting events associated with individuals and not included in the notes for the individuals.

  What's New? - Gives a list of recent additions to the website such as the date of the last database update and pictures added.
  Headstones - Pictures of the grave stones for individuals contained on the website.
  Reports - Predefined reports available for review such as the participants on the website who participated in the 13 wars associated with United States history.

Sources - A listing of each source used to document events for individuals on the website which can be used to find all names associated with each source.


Database Statistics - Provides various statistics about the website, including such things as the percentage of individual who are female and who are male, the oldest individuals on the website, and the average age of individuals on the website. It also provides the date on which the website was updated from the Sprague Database.


Q. I am having problems understanding the new numbering system you are using. The new format seems to be I234567. Because of the font I use, it is hard to know if the first character is either the letter "I" or "l" or the number "1" and if that character is required for searches when using Person ID in advance search. Please advise.
A. A unique person ID is assigned to each person on the Sprague Website. The format of this ID is ALWAYS the letter "I" (for individual) followed by one to six numeric digits. This person ID must be entered in its entirety when used in the advanced search

Glossary of Terms Section

Ahnentafel Report: An Ahnentafel report is a book-style report that begins with a specific person and moves back through the person's ancestors for a given number of generations. (Ahnentafel means ancestor table in German.) This type of report describes each person in a narrative format and gives each person a unique Ahnentafel number. The starting individual is given a number of 1. From then on, an individual's father is assigned a number that is two times the number of the individual. The mother is assigned a number that is twice the individual's, plus 1. If you are number one, your father is 2, your mother is 3, your father's father and mother are 4 and 5 and your mother's father and mother are 6 and 7 and so on. If a person is missing, their number is skipped. The child of any person always has a number that is one half the number of the father.

Descendants Chart: A Descendant Chart shows an individual and all his or her descendants. The starting individual is prefixed with the number 1. Each of his children are prefixed with the number 2 and each descendant in a subsequent generation is prefixed with a number that is one greater than the number used for the parent of the person.

Family Group Sheet: A Family Group Record shows information on one family, listing a father and mother and each of their children.

Timeline Report: A Timeline report shows the life span of a person and events that have been recorded during his life. Certain key other events are added such as major epidemics which caused a large loss of life. Additional individuals can also be added to the timeline.



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